The final announcement for Hit the Deck Festival in Nottingham, UK has been made!


Lower Than Atlantis

Arcane Roots

Autumn In Disguise

Baby Godzilla

The Black and Reds

Crazy Arm


Dead Harts


The Defiled

Don Broco


Mallory Knox


The Social Club

The Summer Set

With One Last Breath

All join the likes of Cancer Bats, Kids In Glass Houses, Deaf Havana and many more

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    woooo! with nicole :)
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    Add Don Broco to that list!
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    I Am The Avalanche, The Wonder Years, The Swellers and TRC for jokes (although they’re only funny when they’re pissed).
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    Loving quite alot of this lineup! Need more friends with a good music taste like this! haha
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    I wish. :(
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    The Wonder Years, Heights, TRC, Rolo Tomassi, Dead Harts, Cancer bats and Of Mice and Men!
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    I am happy. Very happy.
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