Pierce The Veil have released a preview of a new song 'King For A Day'  set to appear on their new album 'Collide With The Sky'. The Song is due out 5th June and features Kellin Quinn of Sleeping with Sirens. The Album is set to be released 17th July.

Here’s a little preview of ‘King For A Day' featuring Kellin Quinn.

Another gem for you today.

Check out Miss May I's new music video for Hey Mister set to feature on their new album At Heart due out 19th May.

Pure Love have released their new music for Handsome Devils Club through NME

Watch it here. The single is due out 23rd July

New Senses Fail song from 'Follow Your Bliss: The Best of Senses Fail' titled War Paint.

Different but we like it.

What do you think?

Yesterday Architects released their follow up album to The Here And Now, titled Daybreaker. So how does it stack up?

The album opens with the track ‘The Bitter End' which a very gentle and slowly builds upon itself, to more energetic vocals and then the very powerful voice of Sam Carter, until it slowly fades out again gently.

The second track to appear is Alpha Omega, which the band released had released as a single shortly before the album release. Which contains powerful verses and melodic chorus, in terms of vocals and instrumentals.

It then proceeds to the first track that reached the surface from Daybreaker. ’These Colours Don’t Run’ is a very political song, with a lot of anger and aggression in the music behind it, yet still remains very melodic and technical.

The album does contain some tracks that are have a softer touch too, very much like The Here And Now album. The track Truth, Be Told is based around Sam Carter’s smooth clean vocals, but still contains the aggressive vocal sections to show the emotion in areas of the track.

A stand out track for fans is probably ‘Even If You Win, You’re Still a Rat' featuring Oliver Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon. An energy filled track, with a couple of dips just to then release more bursts with gentle end.

Overall, a great album showing architects talents across the board.


PropertyOfZack: PropertyOfZack Track-By-Track : : Stickup Kid (Part I) ›


Stickup Kid will be releasing their Nothing About Me EP via Adeline Records on June 5th. PropertyOfZack is teaming up with the band to do a series of Track-By-Track guides and streams to give insight on the songs that make up the EP. Check out Track-By-Tracks for the first two songs on the…

Definitely an article and band worth checking out


BLC sticker made it onto the back of @j33bmx ‘s Audi (Taken with instagram)

We went to Slam Dunk North yesterday and it was brilliant.

The one negative… Being spoilt for choice. A lot of clashes on our behalf, but we still managed to get to see most of who we intended too.

Who’s went yesterday?

Or is anyone going Slam Dunk South today?

Young Guns have released their third music video from their latest album Bones.

Have a look at their video for Dearly Departed here!

Mike Curley - Welcome to the Bad Luck Club

Mike Curley rides for the We The People, and now for proud Apparel Sponsor Swallows&Daggers.

This is Mike first video for S&D.

Filmed & Edited by Josh Moore.